MassChallenge HealthTech

Launched in 2016, MassChallenge established the digital health innovation hub MassChallenge HealthTech to support digital health startups. We work to accelerate high-impact digital health startups by forming partnerships with industry-leading Partners. Every startup at MassChallenge HealthTech receives at least one partnership through our matchmaking process (MCHT startups average over three partnerships each). Every startup then receives best-in-class training through our evidence-based accelerator program.

We believe that when entrepreneurs and the community come together to solve massive problems, we will accelerate innovation and transform healthcare. Our community comprises startups, Partners, business mentors, medical healthcare professionals, digital health enthusiasts, and people passionate about our shared mission of improving health through entrepreneurship.

Program Benefits

  • Every startup at MassChallenge HealthTech receives a partnership offer before the program through our matchmaking process
  • Structured Goals and Milestones project management process facilitated by MassChallenge HealthTech
  • Evidence-based curriculum that helps you become enterprise ready
  • A community of experts, partners, and innovation enthusiasts
  • Startups see measurable growth in revenue, funding, and employee size

Program Timeline

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The HealthTech Program Continues to Grow


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About Our Community Initiatives

Health Equity Initiative Launch

This year, health equity emerged as a leading priority across our digital health community of providers, government agencies, payers, pharmaceutical companies, startups, and other health care organizations. With the support and guidance of our partners, we launched our Health Equity Initiative in 2020. The focus areas of the initiative include the following: 

  1. Identify and reduce inequities in health and care delivery  
  2. Improve access to care  
  3. Create more equitable solutions based on patient input (vs. “one-size-fits-all” solutions) 
  4. Tackle the social determinants of health   
  5. Support minority entrepreneurs and equip them with the resources they need to succeed.  

Convening Digital Health Partners to Advance Health Equity 

We are convening our partner community regularly to share the health equity work they are driving in their organizations and identify collaboration opportunities. In this initial discovery year of the initiative, we are synthesizing the priorities and trends highlighted by our partners and reflecting on ways this information can inform health equity efforts within MCHT. In future years, we plan to work with our partners to accomplish shared health equity goals informed by the conversations this year. 

Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Community 

We have taken initial steps to improve every stage of our core program to better support entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, from applications, to judging, to program curriculum and resources.  

Health Equity Event Series: 

We have collaborated with the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission to develop an action-oriented Health Equity Event Series focused on helping MCHT partners and innovators gain insight into how digital health solutions can help advance health equity.  

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with our Health Equity Initiative – please reach out to

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any eligibility requirements to participate in your program?

A: Digital health startups wanting to participate in our program should have less than $10M in funding and less than $10M in revenue. Participating startups should also have a product or a service (enterprise-ready) with at least one representative engaging in the program. In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, startups should be aligned with our Partner challenges provided at the start of each program cycle in September. Read our 2022 Partner challenges here.

Q: I'm interested in the partners, but what if I don't see a challenge that fits my business?

A: If you’re a startup solving issues in health services (broadly defined), we encourage you to apply. We know that many of our partners are facing more challenges than they even realize, and that you, as innovators, are working to solve problems that they haven’t anticipated yet. You may work with multiple partners, too. This collaboration is the key to the future of health services, and we want you involved.

Q: Do I need to be based in Boston?

A: No, we accept applications from startups around the world. Any additional travel should be determined by you and your MCHT partner.

Q: How do I apply to your program?

A: You can apply to our Healthtech program via our Accelerate platform. Click here to learn more on how to apply.

Q: Are there any in-person components for the accelerator program?

A: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our program is fully virtual.

Q: What does a typical day look like during MCHT?

A: Most of your MCHT time will be spent working with your partner(s) while you continue to run your business. That being said, we’re a firm believer in continual growth-–so you’ll be introduced to experts from industries such as financial services, law, compliance and regulation, and technology.

Q: What is the required time commitment to participate in the program?

A: Participation in the program requires at least 1 representative from your team to be present for 3 touchpoint events (January, March, and June). On average, startups dedicate at least 4 hours per week to the program. This includes meetings with partners, partner deliverables, and curriculum events.





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