MassChallenge FinTech

Launched in 2018, MassChallenge FinTech accelerates outcomes-driven partnerships between startups and enterprises to fuel innovation across banking, insurance, asset management, and other financial sectors.

MCFT believes that startups and corporations can do more to transform financial services together than they can alone. We also know that collaboration isn’t easy--between differences in pace and culture–so we’ve identified the key pain points in our partner organizations and the people inside them who have the power and will to solve them.

Our partners’ challenges have C-Suite support, budget, and resources, and now they need YOU to help them tackle these globally significant issues. In turn, you’ll benefit from their deep subject matter expertise, customer bases, and ample resources – plus access to strategic partners such as FinTech Sandbox and Brandeis International Business School to grow your capabilities and reach.

Program Benefits

  • Results-driven partnership with one or more industry leaders: see our 2021 partners' reverse pitches
  • Growth support and in-kind resources through partners such as FinTech Sandbox, Goodwin Procter, and Brandeis International Business School 
  • Tailored deep-dive sessions with industry experts to strengthen your enterprise-readiness as you scale 
  • Equity-free access to expert mentorship, and the Boston fintech and finserv ecosystem 

Eligibility Guidelines 

Enterprise-ready fintech startups (in general, have raised less than ~$10M in equity-based funding and generated less than ~$10M in revenue in the last 12 months). Please note these are guidelines, not firm requirements. While funding and revenue are important factors in enterprise readiness, we also look at team strength, product/market fit, customer traction etc.



Applications Open

September 2022

Applications Close

October 2022

Judging & Matchmaking

October - December 2022

FinTech Program

January - June 2023

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2019 FinTech Silver Winner
Cake (
Consumer Products
2019 FinTech Silver Winner
Catapult HQ, Inc.
Financial Technology
2019 FinTech Silver Winner
Financial Technology
2019 FinTech Silver Winner
Digital Onboarding, Inc.
Financial Technology



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any eligibility requirements to participate in your program?

A: Digital finance startups wanting to participate in our program should have less than $10M in funding and less than $10M in revenue. Participating startups should also have a product or a service (enterprise-ready) with at least one representative engaging in the program. In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, startups should be aligned with our Partner challenges provided at the start of each program cycle in September. Read our 2022 Partner challenges here.

Q: I'm interested in the partners, but what if I don't see a challenge that fits my business?

A: If you’re a startup solving issues in financial services (broadly defined), we encourage you to apply. We know that many of our partners are facing more challenges than they even realize, and that you, as innovators, are working to solve problems that they haven’t anticipated yet. You may work with multiple partners, too. This collaboration is the key to the future of financial services, and we want you involved.

Q: Do I need to be based in Boston?

A: No, we accept applications from startups around the world. Any additional travel should be determined by you and your MCFT partner.

Q: How do I apply to your program?

A: You can apply to our Finhtech program via our Accelerate platform. Click here to learn more on how to apply.

Q: Are there any in-person components for the accelerator program?

A: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our program is fully virtual.

Q: What does a typical day look like during MCFT?

A: Most of your MCFT time will be spent working with your partner(s) while you continue to run your business. That being said, we’re a firm believer in continual growth-–so you’ll be introduced to experts from industries such as financial services, law, compliance and regulation, and technology.

Q: What is the required time commitment to participate in the program?

A: Participation in the program requires at least 1 representative from your team to be present for 3 touchpoint events (January, March, and June). On average, startups dedicate at least 4 hours per week to the program. This includes meetings with partners, partner deliverables, and curriculum events.





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